Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a Sample?

Yes. Samples are sold at the Minimum Quantity Price, displayed on every page + a Delivery fee of R75 ex VAT.

Transport for samples over 5kg must be calculated, for client approval.

Samples may be returned for a Credit, within 5 working days (including transport time) of the Delivery Date at a Collection fee of R75 ex VAT.

The sample must be unused, in its original state & packaging to be eligible for a Credit. The client is solely responsible for determining that the goods are suitable for the intended use. Our Sample Policy does not, unfortunately, extend to Made To Order Items.


How do I calculate the cost of a Personalized Gift?

A Personalized Gift is typically 1 unit.

To Calculate the Cost of Personalizing a Product or Garment as a Gift:

Take the Minimum Quantity Price (displayed on every page, eg: 10 units), add R175 set-up cost (1 colour print/laser engrave/embroidery/dome/digital print), add R75 Delivery fee, add R4.50-R30 for the Personalization service (branding choice dependent) + VAT = Total

Taking advantage of the Free Branding option saves you a branding cost (not included in the above calculation).

Please email your specs for a Quick Quote if the above seems complex.


May the Branding Options be changed?

It is not advisable to alter the branding options.

Branding options are displayed on each Product & Clothing page.

Each material/fabric has its own unique composition - which predetermines branding options.


Are there any Minimum Character heights?

Your logo must be legible. We therefore always adhere to the below guidelines:

The smallest character in your logo must be bigger than:

Screen Print                       4mm in height

Pad Print                            3mm in height

Embroidery                         5mm in height

Laser Engrave                     3mm in height

Full Colour Direct Print        3mm in height

Full Colour Digital Transfer  3mm in height

Full Colour Dome Sticker     3mm in height

Full Colour Sublimation       3mm in height

Deboss                                 5mm in height

Foil                                       4mm in height


Why do you need my logo to quote with?

Every logo is unique.

Each Clothing/Product item has a pre-determind, limited branding area to work within due to branding limitations or product/garment limitations.

Our branding guidelines need to be followed closely to ensure logo legibility.

Receiving the logo at Quotation stage allows us to clearly understand your unique needs and fulfill them skillfully.


How long will my order take?

Production lead-time is typically 1.5 - 2 weeks after Artwork approval has been received.

Photos of your branded order will be emailed to you once Quality Control has been completed, after production.

Unbranded orders are delivered within 2-5 days, dependent on your delivery address in South Africa.


Do you charge more for Bigger Clothing sizes?

No, we do not penalize clients for choosing larger sizes.


May I split my Quantity amongst the colours or gender of a style?

You may split your Quantity between genders of the same Clothing style,

eg: 1 style (Mens & Ladies Jacket), 1 colour (Black), size split: 5 x Mens (Large: 5 units) + 5 x Ladies (Large: 5 units) = 10 units

Changing the Clothing or Product colour is also permitted,

eg: 5 x Mens Black + 5 x Grey = 10 units

The logo colour/s must remain unchanged, to not attract another set-up cost

Minimum order quantities are stated at the bottom of every Product/Clothing page