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Frequently Asked Questions


May the Branding Options be changed?

It is not advisable to alter the branding options.

Branding options are displayed on each product & garment page.

Each substrate has its own unique composition - which predetermines branding options.


Are there any Minimum Character heights?

Your logo must be legible. We therefore always adhere to the below guidelines.

The smallest character in your logo must be bigger than:

Pad Print                     3mm in height

Screen Print                4mm in height

Embroidery                 5mm in height

Full Colour Print          4mm in height

Full Colour Dome        3mm in height

Laser Engraved logo   3mm in height

Debossed logo            6mm in height


Why do you need my logo to quote with?

Every logo is different and every substrate is different.

Our branding rules need to be followed closely to ensure legibility.

Receiving the logo at quotation stage means we can clearly understand your unique needs and fulfil them.

How long will my order take?

Production lead-time is typically 7-10 working days after Artwork approval has been received.

Photos of your branded order will be emailed to you once Quality Control has been completed.

Unbranded orders can be delivered within 2-4 days, dependant on your delivery address in South Africa.


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Tel: 087 237 4780

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